Oren Asman, LL.D.

Dr. Asman provides Bioethical and Legal consulting to health care providers. His clients include health care providers in both the public and private sector.

Bioethical-Legal Consulting to Health Care Providers

Health care providers may face complex ethical quandaries. At times, these can be incredibly stressful, even debilitating.  Such scenarios include:

  • When it is unclear what alterative courses of action can satisfy one’s clinical preference and legal requirements.

  • When a confrontation, mishap or undesired outcome raises concerns of a potential lawsuit.

  • When the patients’ ombudsman, ethics committee or discipline committee receives a complaint.

  • When a lawsuit has been filed against the health care provider, one’s team members or one’s institute.

  • When a former or current patient or third-party threaten to publish false and harmful information about the health care provider.

In such instances, an independent initial consultation may be very helpful and assist with:

  • Defining the main bioethical issues and prioritizing the optimal courses of action.

  • Defining the relevant legal issues and evaluating the risks associated with each.

  • Planning strategy and courses of action towards various professionals within the organization (legal advisor, risk management, directors, colleagues, etc.) and outside of the organization (Insurance companies, etc.).               



Mental Health Law and Ethics


Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Nursing Law and Ethics

(Social) Media and Medical Ethics

(Bio)Ethical Decision Making


Haifa University, Israel



Haifa University, Israel


Risk Management in Health professions

Researcher, Bioethicist,
Consultant, Lecturer, 

Oren Asman, LLD, Lecturer, Attorney at Law and Bioethicist

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